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* World's 1st instant email into webpage creator....kaboom!
* it's all 100% free!
* just look over the simple instructions below and send it.....bizap! our site immediately autoresponds with page creation and sends promptly its url right back to your inbox, is that amazing and worldly new or what!?
To see whether your forwardings of html or simple pix+paragraphs will be creatable into a good clean webpage simply forward from a forwardable email client like hotmail to a client like gmail, most often if email is ok coding it will show up as ok page in your (e.g.) gmail client, but if it doesn't then it may not be any better when sending to makepagenow at instantepage dot com.
If great difficulty in getting pix+paragraph simpleton made into a page (problem of attached pix received or inserted into page) try most effective email clients: highest successful is Yahoo, second most successful is hotmail, all whilst still checking forwarding simpleton to other choice email client to see if simpleton email forwarded displays ok, then perform emailing to makepagenow if all looks ok.


This is for all emails sent, 1) email body with html or plain text, 2) forwarded html with or w/o pix attached ...and 3) forwarded simple paragraph+pix 'simpleton's
Here is the Instruction. How to use this page to create a instant web page.
1# You can send an email to makepagenow at instantepage dot com
2# Where inside the body you can write the HTML code.
3# First line you should write "Title: Title your page(like this is my first page)" if want to keep your page title.
4# Then press Enter 2 times and you should write "Days: the number of days you want to up on this site(default is 30)".
5# Then press Enter 2 times and you should write "Keywords: Keywords of your page(like Foods selling site, Trading help site) separated by coma" if want to keep keyword on your page.
6# Then press Enter 2 times and you can write HTML code or plain text.
Then an webpage is created and the url is send back to your email and you access the page following the url.
7# If there are attached images then the image name must be same in both HTML tag and attached file. Example:
"Title: This is my first web page

Days: 60
Keywords: Foods selling site, Trading help site
(with image: // <body style="background-image:url('banner-default.jpg')">// Here Image name is banner-default.jpg)
<p> Welcome </p>
<table style= "background-color:Blue">
<tr >
<td>First Row First Data</td>
<td>First Row Second Data</td>
</tr >
<tr >
<td>Second Row First Data</td>
<td>Second Row Second Data</td>
</tr >
</body> "